Affordable Dentures

Full Dentures

Full Dentures Affordable Dentures provide you with exceptionally natural, esthetic, and individualized teeth for the best in cosmetics and function. You have a selection of up to 16 different shades of teeth, and 31 different moulds/shapes of teeth to choose from. We work with you to design custom dentures that can help restore you natural beautiful smile. When it comes to dentures excellence should almost go unnoticed. The better the dentures the more natural and lifelike they appear. We strive to make your dentures appear more natural because they are designed and handcrafted especially to compliment your personality gender, ethnicity and physical appearance.

Premium quality materials

The teeth used to make your dentures are imported from VITAPAN ZAHNFABRIK GERMANY, they are triple layer extra hard wearing acrylic teeth, even when subjected to extreme wearing years later the colour stability will retain like a new set.

All acrylic used to produce your dentures is Imported from the NETHERLANDS it is made by one of the most reputable dental manufactures VERTEX- DENTAL B.V.

At Affordable Dentures we use the latest impression materials; fast setting siliconís, which are pleasant tasting and with an easily controlled flow to make impression taking more comfortable for you. Our impression material is imported from SYBRONDENTAL SPECIALTIES, SWITZERLAND and consists of vinylpolisiloxanes that reproduces the exact oral anatomy for a superior fitting denture.

All our dentures are polymerized using a heated pressure packing method under immense force; this guarantees that the final product you receive is superiorly stronger and denser making it more resistant to breakage and distortion.

Removable partial dentures (RPD)

AcrylicRemovable Partial Dentures
An acrylic partial denture is recommended as a temporary partial denture. If your remaining natural teeth have a poor prognosis but do not warrant extracting them all at once, the acrylic partial denture may be used to your advantage. With each natural tooth extraction, an artificial one can easily be incorporated into your existing RPD at a very reasonable cost. Its main disadvantages are that RPDís rest predominantly on the gum only, it is also thicker and covers a much larger area of the gum to maintain rigidity and strength.

Chrome framework Affordable DenturesRemovable Partial Dentures
The teeth and "gums" used in a chrome denture are no different from those used in acrylic dentures. However, chrome, being much stronger than acrylic, allows a slimmer and sleeker design of the denture base. Not only can the base be thinner, it can also cover a smaller area of the mouth. Higher accuracy also provides a better fit. It's not surprising that in most cases, chrome dentures are superior to their acrylic equivalents. If function and durability are what you want in a denture, then go straight for chrome dentures. Apart from its precision fit it interferes less with senses such as taste, and hot cold sensitivity.

Comfort soft liners

Occasionally, a patient finds that they cannot wear the denture because the gums are too tender, and keeps getting sore spots. In cases where the patient is unable to wear ordinary dentures because of tender gums, the denture can be relined with a material that remains soft. Long lasting resilient silicone base has supreme cushioning effect for tender gums.


Same day relines to fix those loose dentures that may cause sore gums and food trapping under them. Affordable Dentures


When your dentures need repairs, it's important to see us right away. Home repairs can make it more difficult and more expensive, or even impossible for us to make a correct permanent repair. Our repair procedures are generally not very expensive - much less expensive than a complete new denture and most are done within the hour while you wait or shop.

Mobile services

Our mobile unit services all areas of Adelaide. They specialize in Aged care nursing homes, hostels, and retirement villages.

Onsite Laboratory

Our Practice has its own onsite laboratory designed to process each patientís denture efficiently. Since the laboratory is here for the denture clinic patients only, this saves you time and allows us to provide a quicker service for you. We have eliminated the middle man, therefore the cost that other dentists must incur when they send out their dentures to commercial laboratories are not applicable to us, saving you more money. This allows us to keep fees low and monitor the exact quality of every denture produced as it is hand crafted by us at our site.