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Premium quality materials

Premium quality materials

The teeth used to make your dentures are imported from VITAPAN ZAHNFABRIK GERMANY, they are triple layer extra hard wearing acrylic teeth, even when subjected to extreme wearing years later the colour stability will retain like a new set.

All acrylic used to produce your dentures is Imported from the NETHERLANDS it is made by one of the most reputable dental manufactures VERTEX- DENTAL B.V.

At Affordable Dentures we use the latest impression materials; fast setting silicon’s, which are pleasant tasting and with an easily controlled flow to make impression taking more comfortable for you. Our impression material is imported from SYBRONDENTAL SPECIALTIES, SWITZERLAND and consists of vinylpolisiloxanes that reproduces the exact oral anatomy for a superior fitting denture.

All our dentures are polymerized using a heated pressure packing method under immense force; this guarantees that the final product you receive is superiorly stronger and denser making it more resistant to breakage and distortion.