Affordable Dentures

How often do I need to replace dentures?
Generally speaking a new denture will not last you forever, and if your old ones are much over 7 years old, your mouth and face will have changed, your bone would have shrunk your teeth would be ground which causes your facial dimension to shrink, the plastic teeth are worn down and you bite is no longer correct.;

What is a reline and why I may need it?
A reline is a procedure used to re-fit the surface of a denture to a person's gum. This is done by placing a new acrylic base into the denture, duplicating the new form of the oral structures in the mouth. A reline can bring back suction, comfort, stability and discourage food from going under the denture. Since your mouth and the dental ridges change or shrink over time, a denture reline is necessary to keep your denture fitting well and to prevent your dental ridges from "shrinking" more rapidly. Reasons you may require a reline.

  • Better fit, a relined denture "stays in better"
  • A better fitting denture helps the dental ridges stay healthy
  • Helps a denture last longer
  • Helps with proper nutrition and health
  • Maintain the original vertical dimension of the face as the gums continue shrinking.
  • How to clean denture most effectively?
    Dentures should be brushed over a towel or a sink half-filled with water. Lightly brush the dentures with a soft nylon toothbrush or denture brush. - Place dentures in a cleanser overnight or for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help to remove stains and help prevent mouth infections and mouth odours. After the dentures have been soaked remove all the cleanser by lightly brushing the dentures under cold running water.

  • Massage the gums with a soft toothbrush for one minute once a day.
  • See your practitioner if you find sore red areas, white patches, growths or if you experience burning sensations.
  • See your practitioner regularly so your mouth can be checked and to check that the dentures fit correctly.
  • Patients completing dental treatment at affordable dentures receive an ultrasonic machine thatís aids in maintenance of the prosthesis. The energy produced by these machines penetrates areas that a brush cannot to remove foreign articles.